Floor Mounted Radiography System

The Floor Mounted Radiography System can be configured to meet the needs of any imaging department and is an economical alternative with versatility and functionality.  An extra-wide table top, four-way lock release and convenient patient grips provide security and comfort for patients when conducting exams.

The Floor Mounted Radiography System are world-class systems designed for demanding  hospital radiology departments, orthopedic and urgent care clinics or imaging centers. These floor mounted tube-stand systems offer high quality imaging with a fixed elevating 650 lb capacity table, digital floor mounted tube-stand, and wall stand.  Components are complimented with and easy to read LCD display with continuous SID from tabletop to table receptor with a range or 40 inches and 72 inches to the wall stand. The systems rotational and transverse positioning tube-stand along with its 10 ft. floor track is ideal for tackling cross-table views, off-table studies and weight bearing exams.