Dedicated Chest Radiography System

The Dedicated Chest system is an affordable , cost effective flat panel digital X-ray system that requires considerably less space than most systems. A floor-wall / floor-ceiling tube stand with electromagnetic locks and angulating tube arm make image acquisition easy and efficient. Easily customize the system for your needs with a variety of generators, detectors and imaging software options. With an affordable price and short payback period can easily satisfy budget concerns.

This sturdy, reliable system offers versatility and ease of handling for general radiography. The extensive vertical travel of 75.25 in (109 cm) allows for complete radiographic coverage from skull to weight bearing studies and is perfect for upright imaging anatomy including chest, spine, and upright abdomens.  The sturdy tube-stand assembly permits precise x-ray field alignment and stability.  Electric vertical and longitudinal locks, 180° column rotation and centering detent are some of the standard features that add operator  convenience and rapid patient positioning.