Digital Imaging Solutions

We have a wide variety of Digital Imaging solutions available for any clinical situation.

CR, DR, Floroscope, C-Arm, U-Arm, 


Overhead Tube Radiography System



The ergonomic design for the MiiRAD OT+ is engineered to fulfill high volume demands for optimized handling providing all radiographic features. Together with an elevating table and a wall-stand all relevant radiographic procedures are available. Thanks to the 5-element telescopic arm, a very small focus-to-ceiling-distance can be achieved, enabling inexpensive installation in rooms with low ceiling heights.

Together with ACSS (Automatic Cassette Size Sensing) motorized vertical movement is available, leading to a system that can be handled at your fingertips. Minimal force is required for positioning by hand. The support can still be moved manually in the case of a power failure to release the patient.


Thales Pixium 3543EZ

14″ x 17″ Wireless Detector

The Pixium 3543 EZ is a WiFi flat panel detector whose characteristics and performance offer unprecedented freedom. While providing outstanding image and diagnosis quality, this portable panel is designed to simplify examination conditions. Its robust versatility and autonomy combined with image processing software optimizes patient workflow and provides a wireless digital imaging solution for all types of X-ray exams.

The robust Pixium Portable 3543 detector features a low-power WiFi connection that does not interfere with surrounding machines. It is lightweight and easy to handle. It allows technicians to work closely with patients even under the most demanding circumstances: immobilized patients, operating rooms, intensive care units and emergency situations. It also provides the needed freedom to capture difficult or unusual x-ray projections. In addition, the Pixium 3543 EZ can even be used where WiFi is unavailable, simply by using its back-up cable connection.



Thales ArtPix Mobile 

Digital Radiography SubSystem

The Thales ArtPix  is a new generation of Digital Radiography Imaging Sub-System that incorporates the Pixium 3543EZ WiFi detector. The software application features a state-of-the-art Graphic User Interface (GUI) that can be completely customized for efficient workflow and outstanding image quality.

The Thales ArtPix is available with two specific configurations. The first, offers the application on a tablet PC, and combined with the auto-detection enabled WiFi 3543EZ flat panel, will give a complete autonomy to the user at bed-side. The second, called Satellite, will allow the user to perform a complete round of exams, includes a dedicated device that will enable previewing and accepts the images (up to 70), before transmitting, analyzing and post processing the images on a dedicated workstation.

 Short Video on ArtPix


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